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Старый 15.04.2019, 12:48   #1
Регистрация: 15.04.2019
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По умолчанию the golden age of WoW Classic

Old WoW Classic participant here and I been after you for quite a while now and I have to say. Your content is a pleasure and your best I found maybe even delivery of your advice and good mate your comprehension is smooth. I played vanilla and did a few raids upto the first boss in nax I was a priest and the final thing I did as gather plus hit gear to head control a mob the boss was angry times. I loved vanilla wow classic gold and cant wait to go back.Hey will you and/or another guys on WoW Classic cast be running guilds in WoW Classic? You guys all seem the age demographic for me personally and level headed and I would be interested. Should be plenty of space you require! I feel vindicated with the revelations of all the mistakes on servers that are private. So many people might argue it was correct and I gave up arguing and used that as gospel. Lots was incorrect and I suspect WoW Classic will generally be MORE difficult particularly in dungeons and raids, normally, than most personal servers are.

I am so thankful for all of the developers and streamers that have contributed in bringing this project to life. Thank you for providing the escape from all of the hand holding and catch-up mechanics which have drained all feeling of pleasure and accomplishment from the modern game. Thanks for reviving my childhood and allowing me to dive back to the golden age of WoW Classic.When TBC was announced it killed a lot of guilds. Folks left WoW Classic only to wait for BC. Raiders stopped logging on. Naxxramas never must be in the spotlight like the raids. My guild beat Razuvious wiped on 4 Horseman repeatedly, people just stopped logging .

Now apply this in a Vanilla begin. In application it could cause a great deal of individuals to have the same issues I just mentioned, but during the entirety of the Vanilla period frame. This is an issue that is tough to iron out. Vanilla should last indefinitely with a option to make a different character. This gives individuals the option to really raid Naxx without it being overshadowed by BC's arrival. Server merges would have to be completed in the long term, but that is only a specified I think.Yes, which is why I hate how a number of the CC team keep pushing for TBC. I ended Naxx in retail vanilla with a KT weapon, but hardly got any grade 3 since I was saving up all my dkp for KT. We had Naxx on gold in wow classic farm for at least 3-4 weeks. 12-18 months naxx could last and it would not get imo. Hell MC will stay relevant. No need to push to get a expansion that is shitty. I need Vanilla eternally, possibly post-Naxx content as long as no new continents.
Rskingdom вне форума  
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Старый 13.07.2019, 14:42   #2
Регистрация: 05.07.2019
Сообщения: 4
По умолчанию

Очень давно увлекался этой игрой, но теперь я повзрослел и начал увлекаться проститутками! Часто пользуюсь ее услугами https://moscow.russia.x-narod.ru/profile/Review/64650 опытная стройная проститутка с апартаментами у метро Алтуфьево Москва. Отдых с роскошной девушкой запомнится тебе надолго. Она всегда готова исполнять пожелания клиента в постели.
gazirovka вне форума  
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